Hi all
The rain will stop and the sun will shine and we won’t need to pack a waterproof. Well that’s the plan and I have it on good authority that it might happen on 25th April, because that’s the date a hotel awaits you in sunny Skegness. Twenty places have been booked, most of which have already been allocated. Give yourself something to look forward to and send me £10 deposit or £57 if you’re feeling flush (I’ll send you £47 back if you can’t make it). For that you get an evening meal, bed and breakfast and transport of your worldly goods there and if you behave, back. All you have to do is cycle there and back. If from last year you have lost my bank details or sold them to a friend in Mumbai please e-mail me. Alternatively, cheque or cash through the door at Chestnut House 4 Main St. Kirby Bellars will be fine, as long as you put it in an envelope with your NAME (this bit saves the cost of tracing with DNA, or finger prints) I speak from experience.