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  • Do I really have to wear Lycra?
    No you don't, but... it's comfy, there are no seams in the all the places you don't want it have seams, and honestly no one will care, at all, in the slightest, so don't if you don't want to, but after 10-15 miles you'll probably be happy that you did.
  • What should I carry with me on a ride?
    Try and carry enough to be self sufficient, water is the obvious one, a spare tube, pump/CO2 canisters, enough to get you out of trouble. There will, on a club ride, be other riders around but they also might need their supplies later in the ride. There will always be someone to help, and many cyclists will stop and help others.
  • Do I need a new bike?
    Yes, you always need a new bike! In all seriousness though, providing it works, and is well maintained so that it's safe and not likely to fail then we certainly don't care what you ride. 90% of the ride is going to be you and not the bike, so there's no pressure to buy the latest and greatest.
  • What about Electric Bikes?
    As far as we are concerned if that's what you ride that OK by us. They can be a great tool to keep you out and active, just not on any kind of competitive event.
  • How do the Time Trials work?
    You are racing against yourself primarily, typically a 10mile circuit, you set off at minute intervals and it's around 30mins of as much effort as you can muster. The real question is, the next time, on the same circuit, can you do better? Ride what you've got, you don't need a TT bike. Get there about 20-30mins beforehand to get signed in, get warmed up, psyched up, you'll get given a number to pin to your jersey, line up and when it's your time, go for it. When you pass the finishing line call out your number so that the timekeeper knows who you are. You do need to follow the rules of the road, there will be traffic, so stick to your side of the road, there will be marshals but it's your responsibility to be safe.
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