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This will be our second year of hosting a round of the FNSS MTB race, if you are interested and want to sign up there are details below. 

The next round for us is the 24th May 2024

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Event Details

On Friday evening 24 th May MOCC will put on a round of the Friday Night Summer Series FNSS of mountain bike races.
The race will be run at Melton Country Park with the kind approval of Melton Borough Council.
The race is open to all comers and everybody is welcome to either enter on the night or preferably enter on line at
Rider groups for everybody ranging from Ladies to 12 and over.
Entry is £12 before hand or £15 on the day.
Youth entry is £5
Race will start at 1915 and last one hour plus one lap.
For further details, entry or any questions please look on or contact Dick Bishuty through this website

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