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Skegvagas Tour

  • After two cancellations the trip to Skegness, might, just might take place next year. The only date available is 2nd April, dependent on vehicle insurance and petrol, the cost will be between £70 and £80.  I need to confirm Hotel booking and numbers by the end of December. The transport is available, however, we will need a driver. 


  • All that is needed now is the commitment of twenty riders paying a deposit of £20 to me by December 18th and a volunteer to drive. If I do not get the numbers or the driver, I shall consult with riders and return deposits. 


  • The trip will be between 80 – 100 miles usually in three groups dependent on ability, with two café stops and similar for the return journey on the Sunday 


  • Includes: Pickup of luggage at Tesco’s carpark on Friday evening. Meet Saturday 9:00 at Mill St carpark. Bed, breakfast and evening meal at the Savoy Hotel Skegness. Collection of luggage at Tesco’s at about 16:00 – 17:00 Sunday afternoon  

  • Please contact the club if you are interested in attending! 

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