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Club Runs

Meet at Mill Street car park Melton Mowbray. Every Sunday at 9am. 

There will be typically 4 groups:

  1. ​A slower paced shorter ride heading out in roughly the direction of the rides listed below, typically around 15mph, 30miles, no stop, no drop. ​Routes to be published a few days prior, this is new to us so the routes are not fully built yet.

  2. A longer 45mile ride, route to be determined on the day. 

  3. A moderately paced group following the routes below, with a cafe stop, no drop

  4. A faster group following the routes below with a cafe stop, riders can fall back to the moderate group if needed

If you are new to club group riding please consider starting in a slower group than you would like to, if the distances is a stretch please remember food as well as water. 

Keep an eye on the Calendar and other social media as the routes may need to change. 

Club Run Calendar 2024

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